Our top-quality Outplacement Service will allay your concerns regarding retention of the best staff, thus protecting your employer brand through the inevitable restructuring process.


Outplacement Services for Employers of Choice

Outplacement is a contemporary solution for organisations committed to employee satisfaction, talent retention and their employer branding.

You can take advantage of three essential characteristics using our Outplacement Service in your restructuring process:

  • Helping affected employees move forward confidently and get back to work as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
  • Ensuring that the people you retain remain productive and committed. Your Human Resources team and respective hiring managers are supported while they are coping with high managerial and emotional stress.
  • Protecting your reputation as an employer of choice and ensuring that your past employees remain strong business ambassadors in the future. It is crystal clear that how you support your people during an inevitable restructuring process has a huge impact on your employer brand.

Different Levels of Support

It is very probable that you will want to offer differing levels of support to diverse people within your organization. We offer outplacement services both for individual candidates and groups at all levels - from executives through to front-line staff.  Levels of support available include:

Group Workshop: Our consultants work with candidates in small groups.

One-to-One: Our consultants spend pre-scheduled and ad-hoc individual time with candidates. 

You may prefer tailored options which involve a combination of Group Workshops and One-to-One. For example, you might choose to support employees via a group workshop, followed up by individual sessions with an outplacement consultant. This allows the candidate to raise individual issues and get personal support on specific topics.

In consultation with you, we design the most suitable program for your restructuring requirements, individual profiles and company budget, by including some or all of the service content listed below:  

  • Identifying target industries and companies most likely to bring results.
  • Discovering potential new career directions through a suite of assessment tools.
  • Creating an effective resume.
  • In-depth coaching on interview performance.
  • Development of professional social media profiles.
  • Coaching on contemporary job searches.
  • Bi-weekly progress meetings to measure and encourage momentum and progress towards career goals.

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