We spend time with clients to understand and match their strategies.
Client Centric Focus. It’s about the client. It is about the experience our clients have when working with us.


Abago is a boutique-Retained Executive Search and Talent Consulting firm, specializing in select industries.

We tailor best-in-class consulting services, addressing our clients’ leadership requirements in order to promote profitable and sustainable growth.

Our unique status results from our intense passion and enthusiasm for maintaining ongoing client value creation and standards of excellence.

By assigning Abago as your retained executive search partner, you incorporate the expertise of the founding partner, Ebru Coş, who maintains and executes all top executive search functions, including candidate contacts and reference checks.

Effective Representation of Your Organization

We fully understand your need to assign an executive search partner who is able to represent your organization 100 percent. It must perform its role effectively and professionally, treating potential candidates with utmost respect and bringing the assignment to a mutually satisfying conclusion. 

We fully agree that any recruitment process of a senior executive position is also an opportunity for your organization to reinforce your position as the enterprise of choice, spotlighting your employer brand in the top-tier talent market.

Hence, it is our top priority, when approaching candidates and sources, that we fully represent your brand and company in this highly competitive market place.

Our high quality of dialogue, respect and commitment to confidentiality increases our ability to attract top talent to your organization.

Identifying and Engaging Real Achievers

Your expectation from us is to be a trusted advisor, in order to identify, qualify and attract exceptional leaders to make a real and truly positive impact on your corporate performance and shareholder value.

Every assignment is completely unique for us. We listen carefully and design a thorough search strategy appropriate and specific to your assignment.

The search strategy should target and tap into hidden talent with genuine success stories which go beyond their impressive resumes. Successful sourcing begins with focusing on passive talent - finding ways to not only identify and connect with them, but to keep them engaged over an extended period of time.

We are continuously investing in technology, digital strategy, and collaboration with industry experts and new research methods to source passive but real achievers.

Privacy Policy

ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING shows utmost care to safeguard your personal confidentiality. This confidentiality procedure outlines the types of data collected by ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING in this website and how these data are protected and stored.

Unless voluntarily provided by the visitor, ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING no way whatsoever collects any personal information of a user of the ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING website.

As a general rule within the framework of this confidentiality policy, personal information provided by our visitors (your name, email, business and residential address, phone numbers) are not shared with third parties, sold, leased or otherwise made available.

Once you visit the ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING website, necessary procedure in case you do not want your personal data gathered, and method of modifying your personal information is described. This policy is only valid for this website and does not apply to our advertisements or promotions in websites owned by third parties.

Gathering Personal Information;

Using the ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING website and voluntarily providing personal information means that the current confidentiality policy and rules defined on this website are accepted. Based upon the discretion of our visitors, personal information can be gathered during filling CV form or filling in a questionnaire. Unless you provide this information voluntarily, no personal information is gathered out of your visits to our website.

Purpose and Method of Using the Information;

ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING uses your information, subject to your consent, for the following purposes:

• Identifying our visitor profiles
• Handling demands, requests and complaints
• Assess the application forms

Personal information and such data are only used for the purposes defined and when legally requested by court order during legal investigations or legal procedures.

Gathering Other Non-Personal Information

ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING automatically and anonymously gathers data as to the user traffic, sections visited, areas clicked etc. during the navigation of visitors in the website. This data is only used to address the rates at which the sections and areas on the website are watched and followed by visitors, and is not associated with any personal information of a visitor. Where the technology used to determine the path of visit or how the page was visited ("cookies") is employed, likewise statistical data are gathered to determine the rates of watching and clicking different sections of the website, and this is not a personal practice. The purpose of this technology is to identify the most frequently visited section of the site, and thereby to make the content of this section more accessible to the user starting from his/her initial visit.

Data Security;

Necessary measures are taken to ensure the protection of your personal information, and serious investments are made in this respect. Limited access is applied to avoid unauthorized access to, modification and abuse of data. To avoid the delivery of its data to third parties for any purpose, ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING strictly adds a "confidentiality" clause to contracts executed with service companies.

Conditions of Using the Website;

ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING uses its website to announce and keep visitors updated of topics, contents, different services and actions that it considers interesting to visitors. ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING is entitled to unilaterally modify and update the content of this website as well as terms and conditions defined hereunder without prior notice.

Changes in Our Policy

ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING reserves the right to amend or cancel this Confidentiality Policy.

Contact Us

You can use the Contact US link to submit any opinion for this Confidentiality Policy, ask a question or report any violation of the Confidentiality Policy. ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING will take necessary actions to satisfy these demands. Each visitor of the ABAGO TALENT CONSULTING website is deemed to have read and accepted all these terms and conditions.